For security concerned people

Be in control of your digital devices !

If you are a newbie, you should rely on standard industrial offers like those of Microsoft or Apple; and  you should keep your systems up to date. However, you should know that these products are customized for ease of use with many default settings. That is, they are not optimized for security.  They are vulnerable to many cyber-threats that deceive users.

As a mature user, and advanced one, or an expert, you should protect yourself better. It is mandatory if you deal with some sort of confidential data (medical, financial, privacy of others...). But, if you are not a security expert, a good security is out of your reach. Few companies communicate on this. SECUR.NET personal systems offer a good security at the expense of additional constraints enforced by our configurations. Optionally, you could subscribe to a monthly plan for remote intrusion detection. It is the only way to mitigate serious threats, including that of well known Pegasus intrusion tool. Our products are reserved for individuals, families, or small teams accessing their professional services remotely. It is required to have a SECUR.COM ID.

For now, ours products are only sold to selected beta-testers.